Plate Bearing Apparatus Complete. 500kN Capacity

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Plate Bearing Apparatus Complete. 500kN Capacity



Bearing Capacity, Soils

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Soil Index Properties, Classification

Product Group:

Plate Bearing Apparatus, In-situ Testing

Applications include the determination of bearing capacity of the soil in situ, designing for static loads on spread footings, and repetitive and non-repetitive plate loading tests of soils and flexible pavements.

Manufactured from machined steel plate with a finished thickness exceeding 25 mm. The plate has concentric markings on one face. All plates are supplied with two lifting eyes except for the 150 mm dia plate.

Note: to successfully perform the test, a reaction load is required.

Important: The equipment is used in conjunction with a reaction beam. This is not supplied with the equipment.

Comprising of:

  • Hydraulic Jack 500 kN capacity
  • Pressure system
  • Datum bar
  • 4x dial gauges 50 mm travel x 0.01 mm divisions 
  • 4x bearing plates: 150 mm, 305 mm, 455 mm and 760 mm diameter
Description Plate Bearing Apparatus
Pressure System Weight kg 12.5
BS 1377 Yes
EN 1997-3 Yes
ASTM D1194 Yes
ASTM D1195 Yes
ASTM D1196 Yes



Loading jack 500 kN capacity with integral ball seating
Pump Hand operated, single speed with
integral oil reservoir
Hose 3 m long. Maximum pressure 70 MPa with quick release couplings
Gauge 100 mm dia with quick release
couplings and graphs to convert readings to kN, kgf and lbf
Weights Loading jack 24 kg.
Pressure system 12.5 kg