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PM Compressor 220-240V 50Hz 1Ph.




Sub Category:

Soil Physics

Product Group:

Pressure plate extractors

Ideal for pressure plate extraction systems. 

Electrically powered and fully CE accredited 

Conforms to EC directive 98/37/CE

This unit provides compressed air for all ELE's pressure plate apparatus. The compressor is designed for sustained, continuous operation and provides up to 20 bar operating pressure. 

These compressors are compact and can be transported easily by one person. The compressor consists of motor and block, which is cast in one piece. This improves heat dissipation considerably. Pistons, piston rings, con-rod, bearings and crank flange have been designed with efficiency and durability in mind. Valves in the compressor block are machined in non-corrosive stainless steel and the valve reeds are fitted with heat dissipating lift limiters. This ensures air-tight valves and longer life.

The robust electric motor features strengthened bearings and a generously-sized winding. This lengthens motor life considerably. The motors start without problem even if the supply voltage is low.

Every compressor is filled with special, temperature resistant top performance lubricating fluid. The result is almost no oil carbon deposits on the valves.

This compressor must be used in conjunction with a manifold assembly if intended for use in pressure plate extraction systems.  

Description Compressor
 Max. gauge working pressure   20 bar 
 Weight   29.5 kg
 Dimensions   525 x 260 x 430 mm 
 Air receiver capacity   4 litres
 Highest sound pressure value   75 dB when tested to DIN 45635
 Theoretical inlet capacity   160 l/ min
 Free air delivered   20 bar (at 8 bar working pressure)
No. of cylinders  1
Speed 2850 rpm
Oil capacity  0.13 l
Oil top-up quantity  0.05 l
Max. mains fusing (slowblow or gl glass)  16 amp
Max. rated current  6.2 amp
Rated power  1.1 kW
Rated speed  2850 rpm
Protection class  IP54
Max. cut-in frequency  30 times / hour