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Portable Leaf Area Meter



Crop Science

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Plant physiology

• Enables non-destructive measurements.
• Lightweight and fully portable.
• No calibration required.
• 32 K internal memory.
• Rechargeable battery.

The portable leaf area matter enables samples to be measured without detaching them from the plant. The unit is operated using only two buttons to select options from the display. Individual readings can be stored, or areas can be accumulated as a running total.

The unit is supplied with an RS232 cable and IBM compatible software. This enables data to be transferred to a computer for further analysis if required.

A full range of parameters can be measured including leaf area, width, perimeter length, shape factor and ratio. The sensitivity of the scanner can be adjusted so that healthy or diseased parts of the leaf can be recorded. This flexibility makes the instrument ideal for the field scientist investigating the effects of pollution on plants. The leaves do not have to be removed for measurement so the same plant can be monitored over a period of time in detailed experiments.

for 220-240 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.

Description Portable Leaf Area Meter