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Soil Volume Change Meter




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Manual Consolidation

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Soil Volume Change Meter

Soil Volume Change Meter

Description Soil Volume Change Meter
Water Required, oz 5


Mould Assembly Includes porous stones and loading cap.
Proving Ring 1,000 lb. (4.5 kN) capacity; dial indicator.
Other Components Loading pistons; compaction hammer.
Specimen Ring 2-3/4” (70 mm) diam.
Water Required 5 oz.
Charts Convert readings to lbs./sq. ft. and then to PVC (Potential Volume Change) rating.
Dimensions 7-1/4” diam. base x 15 -1/2” h. (184 x 394 mm).
Weight Net 25 lbs. (11 .3 kg).


Expansion Index Test Apparatus


• Completely self-contained and compact design.• Accurate to 0.0001” (0.002 mm).• Testing time of 24 hours or less on cured soil specimens.The Expansion Index Test Apparatus is a completely self-contained apparatus designed for use in determining the expansion index of soils. Using the new consolidation apparatus, contractors and laboratory technicians can conduct an expansion test on a cured soil specimen in 24 hours or less.The apparatus is designed to control all of the variables that influence the expansive characteristics of a particular soil while still performing a practical test for general engineering use.