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Spray Nozzle Apparatus



Fly Ash

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Fineness of Fly Ash (Wet Sieving)

Comprising a spray nozzle 17.5 mm internal diameter with 17 holes as specified in EN 451, a vacuum pressure gauge, 160 kPa graduated at 5 kPa divisions and fittings to attach the apparatus to a standard domestic water supply. Supplied without sieve.

Complies to EN 451-2, ASTM C430, AASHTO T192.

**Not available for sale in the USA**

Description Spray Nozzle Apparatus
Weight, kg 2.1
BS 3892-1 Yes
EN 451-2 Yes
ASTM C430 Yes

45 μm Sieve


plies to AASHTO T192, EN 451-2, ASTM C430.