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Travelling Beam Device




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Surface Regularity

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Travelling Beam Device

Travelling Beam Device with Autographic Recorder Supplied Without Recorder Charts.

The 3 metre long Travelling Beam Device is used to check for any irregularities in both concrete and bituminous road surfaces. A sensing unit comprising a wheel connected to an indicator provides a magnification of 4:1.

Deviation of the surface from a straight-line is shown on a scale calibrated in increments of 2 mm up to 10 mm and 5 mm up to 25 mm. A dye-marker is fitted which may be used to identify suspect areas. Outrigger wheels provide mobility on site. The device is supplied as three sub-assemblies which are quickly assembled on site. The Travelling Beam is supplied fitted with an autographic recorder providing a permanent record of the surface profile. Records up to 1 kilometre can be recorded on the special chart paper rolls used.

**Not available for sale in the USA**

Description Travelling Beam Device
Weight, kg 66
EN 12697-32 Yes
EN 13280-4 Yes
BS 598-104 Yes