Turbidity Meter. Range 0-1000 FTU. Supplied with Carrying Case, Batteries and Calibration Solutions

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Turbidity Meter. Range 0-1000 FTU. Supplied with Carrying Case, Batteries and Calibration Solutions




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Water quality testing

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Paqualab Test Meters

  • Easy to use.
  • High range. 
  • Calibration data storage facility. 
  • Results displayed as FTU.
  • Water resistant. 

Suitable for testing either natural and treated water, or waste water and effluents. 

This portable microprocessor-based turbidity meter provides lab-grade accuracy even in the field. With 4 keys and weighing only 510 grams, the meter measures turbidity from 0 to 1000 FTU (NTU). For best field accuracy, it measures from 0 to 50 FTU in steps of 1/100th of FTU.

Unlike standard lamps, the infrared LED has a long life. More significantly, it maintains constant emission for the entire life of the instrument.The wavelength peaks at 890nm, which provides the required intensity of diffused light even in samples with low turbidity values, and also reduces the interference from any colours.

The meter is very easy to use. All operations can be carried out with only four keys and troubleshooting functions can be performed with error code on LCD. Moreover, the meter's versatility and durability ensure low maintenance.

The meter can store and retrieve the last calibration data. At the touch of a key, the last calibration data together with time and date are displayed allowing the user to maintain an accurate calibration schedule auto shutoff turns the meter off after 5 minutes of non-use to save batteries.

The turbidity meter comes supplied with 2 cuvettes, tissues, cleaning solution and calibration solutions for 0 and 10 FTU.

Description Turbidity Meter
Range  0.00 to 50.00 FTU; 50 - 1000 FTU.
Resolution  0.01 FTU (0.00 to 50.00 FTU); 1 FTU (50-1000 FTU).
Accuracy  ± 0.5 FTU or ± 5% of reading (whichever is greater).
Battery life 60 hours or 900 measurements. Automatic shut-off after 5 minutes of non-use. (4 x 1.5 VAA batteries).
Weight  510g (including case and calibration solutions).
Dimensions  220 x 82 x 66 mm.