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Universal Time Switch



Laboratory Equipment

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Laboratory Hardware, Miscellaneous Laboratory Hardware

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Universal Time Switches

60 minute range. 115vAC, 60 Hz, 1ø.
Controls On/off switch; outlet switch; volume knob for buzzer.
Description Universal Time Switch


Load CapacityUp to 750 watts (6 amps).
Time Range60 mins. x 1 sec.
Dial Face8” (203 mm) diam.
OutletsOne makes or breaks circuit after selected time interval; other automatically breaks
circuit at preset interval.
ControlsOn/off switch; outlet switch; volume knob
for buzzer.
ConstructionSteel case with handles.
Overall Dimensions8-1/2” w. x 2-1/4” d. x 8-1/2” h. (21 6 x 57 x 21 6 mm).
WeightNet 3 lbs. (1.5 kg).