• Complete test can be performed on-site.
• Minimal technician training and no special equipment required.
• Uses only two, environmentally safe dyes.
• Identifies ASR in concrete and differentiates ASR from other causes of degradation.

One of the primary causes of premature concrete deterioration is alkali-silica reaction (ASR). ASR causes concrete to deteriorate when sodium and/or potassium from cement attacks silica rich components of aggregate, producing gels that expand and eventually crack the structure.

In use, two reagents are applied to the broken surface of a concrete core and the excess rinsed off. On contaminated concrete, the resulting stains reveal the presence of ASR. The stains also reveal the extent of the ASR in the concrete and indicate the stage of ASR progress. A yellow color indicates that degradation has begun and a pink color warns that degradation is advancing.

ASR Detect

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