Particular design features of the instrument include a positive action horizontal lead screw, which is rapidly adjustable and rigidly fixes the height of cup in relation to the base during the test procedure. The cam mechanism and cup suspension assembly have been designed to withstand constant use with minimum readjustment

Grooving Tool and Gauge B.S.

Constructed to British Standards.

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Liquid Limit Device ASTM/ Aashto Hand-Operated W/ Revolution Counter. Supplied Less Grooving Tool.

Complete with revolution counter. Supplied less grooving tool.

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Liquid Limit Device BS with Counter. C/W Metal Grooving Tool & Test Gauge.

With revolution counter. Complete with metal grooving tool and test gauge.

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ASTM Metal Grooving Tool.

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Casagrande Grooving Tool Aashto

• Rust resistant brass construction.
• 1 cm gage block located at end of handle.

The AASHTO Grooving Tool is used to control the width of the soil groove in the liquid limit cup, in accordance with AASHTO specifications.

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Motorised Liquid Limit Device W/ Counter BS 220-240V 50Hz 1Ph.

Complete with revolution counter and motor.

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Glass Plate.

500 mm square x 10 mm thick.

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Motorised Liquid Limit Device

Motor operated with hard rubber base

Complies to ASTM D4318, AASHTO T89 and BS 1377:2

Supplied Less Grooving Tool

Motor operated at 120 drops/min speed

Power supply: 220-240V 50Hz 1Ph

Weight: 4.5kg

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