Water is a precious agricultural resource. Careful monitoring is essential to ensure that it is used as effectively as possible. The comprehensive rang of equipment offered has been specifically designed to measure or estimate the mass flow in both natural, or man-made, irrigation and drainage channels.

Parshall Flume - Small.

Having a throat width of 25 mm for flows 0.3 to 5 litres/second. info »

Parshall Flume - Large.

Having a throat width of 50 mm for flows 0.5 to 14 litres/second. info »

Wsc Flume - Small.

For flows 0.1 to 2 litres/second. info »

Wsc Flume - Large.

For flows 1 to 7.5 litres/second. info »

Weir Plate Set with Weir Plate Carrier and Four Interchangeable Weir Plates

1200 mm wide x 750 mm high x 5 mm thick info »

Simple Cut-Throat Flume 100mm Throat.

Throat width 100mm, for measuring flows in the range 0 to 15 litres/second.

info »