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Hand Vane Tester

• Direct-reading scale with max-reading pointer.
• Provides quick and accurate shear strength values of cohesive soils.
• Lightweight carrying case for easy transport to the field.

The Hand Vane Tester is an accurate and portable instrument used for the determination of in-situ shear strength of cohesive soils, either on-site or on undisturbed or remoulded samples in the laboratory.

The instrument consists of a torque head with a direct-reading scale which is turned by hand. A non-return type pointer retains the test reading. A 19 mm (0.75”) diameter vane and 300 mm (11.8”) extension rod is supplied as standard.

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33 mm Diameter Vane and Carry Case

For readings from 0 - 28 kPa (585 lbs./sq. ft.) info »