• Heavy-duty reusable steel design.
• Quick acting clamps for easy removal of specimen.
• Meet ASTM and AASHTO specifications.
• Plated for rust resistance and long life.

Heavy-Duty Cylinder Molds are made of steel and have a wall thickness of 1/4” (6.3 mm). Two quick acting clamps are welded to the mold along the longitudinal split. When the clips are released, the mold springs move apart slightly to facilitate removal of the specimen.

The molds are supplied complete with base plates, which can be easily attached by means of two stud and clip assemblies.

Heavy-Duty Cylinder Mould 6" x 12"

(152 x 305 mm) samples.

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Heavy-Duty Cylinder Mould 4" x 8"

(102 x 203 mm) samples. info »