• Double-post frame construction for stability.
• Sturdy metal base platform.
• Precision machined Invar steel reference bar.
• Available in 3 models: with dial indicator in English units, with dial indicator in Metric units or with digital indicator with English or Metric units selectable.

The Length Comparator is a device used for measuring the length changes of cement paste, mortar and concrete specimens, in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO specifications.

The precision unit consists of a sensitive indicator mounted on a sturdy, dual post construction frame. The movable and stationary anvils are shaped to receive the reference pins which are cast into the ends of the test specimen bars.

The Length Comparator is supplied complete with an Invar steel reference bar.

English Length Comparator

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Metric Length Comparator

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Digital Length Comparator

English or Metric units selectable.

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