• Modular system for flexibility
• Wall mounting
• Four outlets
• 6 mm diameter pipework for quick filling and draining
• Standard type valves on all units - on/off with no volume change
• Ideal system for geotechnical laboratories

This modular system provides flexibility and cost saving by enabling only those units that are relevant to the particular testing requirements to be selected. It is simple to update the system with the addition of other units, which can be quickly connected together.

The units may be used with a variety of pressure systems, such as pnuematic and oil/water and are designed to accept pressures of up to 1700 kPa where appropriate.

Universal Pump and Pressure Indicating Panel 1700Kpa.

This is the main pressure display in the system for monitoring various pressures and also provides fine control of the pressure within the system using the rotary hand pump. The unit is fitted with a dual calibrated 250 mm diamter pressure gauge, four inlet/outlet no-volume change valves, screw controlled rotary hand pump, water reservoir and isolating valves. The unit is housed in a hinged case for wall or bench mounting. By using an isolating valve the panel may be used to monitor cell or back pressure. 1700 kPa and 250 lbf/in2.

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Pressure Gauge 1700Kpa (250Psi) 250mm Diameter.

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