• 5 qt. (4.73 liter) capacity.
• Three-speed selective transmission.
• Stainless steel mixing bowl and beater for rust resistance and easy cleaning.
• Clearance adjustment bracket per ASTM requirements (supplied standard with 115V 60 Hz model only).

This special 5 quart (4.73 liter) Mortar Mixer is used for mixing cement pastes and mortars in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO specifications.

The table mounted unit has a planetary mixing action so that the stainless steel beater reaches every part of the batch, rotating on its axis opposite to the direction in which it moves around the bowl. This gives a thorough blending and mixing of all of the ingredients resulting in a consistent and predictable result in the finished mix.

Mortar Mixer, 115V

Includes stainless steel 5 qt. (4.73 liter) bowl, bowl clearance adjustment bracket and stainless steel beater. ASTM compliant. info »

Stainless Steel Bowl

5 qt. (4.73 liter) capacity. info »

Stainless Steel Beater

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Mortar Mixer, 230V

Includes stainless steel 5 qt. (4.73 liter) bowl. 

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