• Reliable and accurate moisture measurement in the field.
• Direct-reading in percent moisture.
• Rapid results in minutes.
• Easy-to-use — includes simple step-by-step instructions.
• Electronic balance included as standard.

The rapid moisture testing kit available from ELE-Soiltest contains all items required and an electronic balance for weighing samples all included in heavyduty case. The durable case offers the highest level of protection. A foam insert secures the contents of the kit.

The SpeedyTM moisture tester determines the moisture content of a broad range of materials. A small sample of the material to be tested is weighed on the balance and then placed in the hand held vessel. A measure of calcium carbide reagent is then added and the vessel sealed. The reagent reacts with the free moisture in the sample to produce acetylene gas, resulting in an increase in pressure within the vessel.

Speedy Calibration Unit Self Contained Unit.

A self-contained unit designed to enable an operator to check the accuracy of the Speedy Moisture Tester. The unit comprises a master dial, integral air pump, control connections and tools for checking gauge accuracy and pressure leaks, with instructions for simple re-calibrations.

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Speedy Moisture Tester D2 Large 0-20% Moisture Range. Supplied Less Calcium Carbide

Uses a technique based on the fact that water will react with calcium carbide to form a gas and that the quantity of gas formed is directly proportional to the water present. The gas pressure is indicated on a built-in pressure gauge. The pressure gauge calibrated in percentage of moisture. Has a moisture range of 0-20% with gauge divisions every 0.2%. Holds a sample size of 20 g. Includes an electronic balance of 200 g capacity x 0.1 g readability and is supplied in plastic carrying case.

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Reagent for Speedy Moisture Testers. Pack of 12 Cans 500 G Each. (Calcium Carbide)

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Portable Electronic Balance

0-200 gram. 0.1 gram readability info »