Our list of current Sand Equivalent Value products are listed below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will try our best to help you.

5 Litre Syphon Assembly with Connection for 5mm Id Tubing.

With 5 litre polythene bottle. Supplied without rubber tubing.

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Calcium Chloride 2.5Kg.

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Glycerol Analar 2.5 Litre

2.5 litres

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Motorised Sand Equivalent Shaker ASTM. 220-240VK 50Hz 1Ph.

Bench mounting mechanical sand equivalent shaker with a stroke of 203mm (8 inches) and a running frequency of 175 cycles per minute. The integral timer stops shaker upon test completion. For use on 220-240v 50Hz 1ph.

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Sand Equivalent Apparatus ASTM Aashto with Carrying Case.

Set Includes:
• 4 Plastic measuring cylinders
• 1 Carrying case
• 1 Weighted foot assembly
• 1 Irrigator tube
• 1 Rubber tubing complete with pinch clip
• 1 Funnel.

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Formaldehyde 36% Aqueous Solution 2.5 Litre.

36% solution

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