Our list of current Soil Extruders products are listed below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will try our best to help you.

Adaptor Plate for 23-4250 to Extrude 100mm/4 Inch Diameter and Marshall Specimens.

For use with 23-4250. Comprising an adaptor plate, retaining screws and a nominal 100 mm ram plunger. Enables extrusion from all ELE 100 mm moulds and core cutters listed in the table.

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Cbr/Core Cutter Extruder Frame and Hydraulic Jack Extrudes 150mm/6 Inch Diameter Specimens.

Comprises a frame and hydraulic jack with adaptor plate supplied. Extrudes samples from BS CBR Mould and ASTM CBR Mould.

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Proctor/Core Cutter Extruder Frame and Hydraulic Jack. Extrudes 100mm/4 Inch Diameter Specimens

Adaptor plates will be supplied; extrudes samples from BS Compaction Mould, Proctor Mould 100 mm, Core Cutter and Marshall Mould. Maximum extrusion force 20kn.

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38mm Hand Operated Hydraulic Sample Extruder with Trimming Knife 38mm Split Former & Cutting Tool.

This Sample Extruder comprises a vertically mounted lever action hydraulic jack, with the body extended to form a chamber which accommodates a 38 mm diameter sample tube. Supplied complete with trimming knife, 38 mm split former and wire saw.

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