• Determines shear strength of cohesive soils in the laboratory or in the field.
• Lightweight, rust resistant construction.
• Includes three interchangeable vanes.

The Torvane Shear Device enables the operator to rapidly determine the shear strengths of cohesive soils, in the laboratory or in the field.

The Torvane is simple to use and needs no extensive specimen preparation. All that is required is a flat sample area of at least 2” (50 mm) in diameter.

Sensitive Vane

0-0.2 kg/sq. cm (tons/sq. ft.). info »

Standard Vane

0-1.0 kg/sq. cm (tons/sq. ft.). info »

High-Capacity Vane

0-2.5 kg/sq. cm (tons/sq. ft.).

info »

Pocket Shearmeter with 3 Vanes 0 to 1Kgf/Cm2 X 0.5Kgf/Cm2.

The shearmeter can be used on tube samples, on the sides of pits, cuttings etc. It is an invaluable tool for initial site investigation work.

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