• Pre-installed gasket system eliminates need to handle sticky tape material.
• Unique O-ring design seals dome to concrete instantly and installs quickly.
• Instructions provide simple 1-2-3 step approach.
• Precision dome reduces variability.
• Specifically metered calcium chloride ensures consistent measurement up to 20 pounds.

Designed for measurement of concrete moisture, the Vapor Emission Test Kit consists of the equipment needed to conduct the anhydrous calcium chloride test. This test works by a change in weight of moisture-absorbing anhydrous calcium chloride and represents the amount of moisture transmitting out of a large concrete surface area.

A scientifically engineered dome and a packet containing the proper type and amount of calcium chloride reduce variability in results. A pre-installed gasket ensures accuracy and easy installation. A gram weight scale with gradations to 1/10 of a gram is required.

Vapor Emission Test Kit

Pack of 12.

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Triple Beam Balance

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