• Rigid frame construction for accurate readings.
• Reversible plunger with removable needle.
• Includes needle and hard rubber mold.

The Vicat Apparatus is designed for determining the normal consistency, standard consistency and time of setting of cement and lime in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO specifications.

The apparatus consists of a frame bearing a movable plunger of 300 grams weight. The Plunger is 10 mm diameter at one end and is fitted with a removable 1 mm diameter needle at the other end. The plunger is reversible and carries an indicator which moves over the scale graduated in millimeters.

The apparatus is supplied complete with plunger, needle and hard rubber mold.

ASTM Vicat Mould

Accessory: manufactured from non-absorbent plastic and supplied complete with a glass base plate.

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ASTM Initial Set Needle

1 mm diameter.

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