Water samplers fall into 3 main categories: those which collect an heterogeneous sample from, at or just below the water surface; those which collect a sample from a specific depth in still water; and those which collect a mid-stream sample from a river, stream or irrigation channel. The ELE selection of samplers offered covers all applications mentioned.

Tube Water Sampler.

To collect up to 250 ml complete with stainless steel measuring tape with grip and eye (20 metres). info »

Water Trap Sampler.

This sampler is designed to be used in a flowing river or stream at any desired depth to 25 metres. The design is such that the open ends through which the water flows can be simultaneously closed thus retaining the 1250 ml sample which may then be raised to the surface. The accessories include a hand winch, 25 metres of steel wire and a depth meter. The complete set is contained in a wooden transport case with padlock. info »

Combination Sampling and Measuring Outfit.

With colour scale, water sampling bottle, plankton net, bottom sampling dredge, sounding lead and calibrated line, 20 m long marked at 1 and 5 m intervals, armoured thermometer and Secchi disc (for turbidity check). info »