Coliform Starter Pack. Sufficient for 200 Tests

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Coliform Starter Pack. Sufficient for 200 Tests




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Water quality testing

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Microbiological starter packs and consumables

Contamination by sewage is the greatest danger associated with water for drinking.

This is because sewage may contain organisms that cause diseases such as typhoid, dysentery and hepatitis.

The bacteria which cause the disease are very small and cannot be seen without a microscope. The

 Most common method of counting bacteria is to encourage them to grow to form a colony of bacteria large enough to be seen and counted. It would be very dangerous for the operator if the disease causing organisms were grown, therefore harmless indicator bacteria are used. Indicator organisms are much more common that disease causing organisms and so are easier to detect.  The presence of coliforms, faecal coliforms and faecal streptococci are used to establish whether a water supply has been contaminated with sewage.

Each Pack contains Microbiological Consumables Pack for Coliforms. 

Comprising 200 Grid Membranes and Absorbent Pads. 

Pad Dispenser And 38.1G Of Powered Lauryl Sulphate Broth. 

Description Coliform Starter Pack

Membrane Lauryl Sulphate Medium 38.1 Gram Pack. Sufficient for 200 Tests.


38.1 grams to make approximately 500 ml medium (200 tests).

Pad Dispenser.


Coliform Starter Pack. Sufficient for 200 tests (422-010)