Consolidation Cell/ Oedometer Complete 75mm Diameter Sample

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Consolidation Cell/ Oedometer Complete 75mm Diameter Sample



Consolidation Apparatus, Soils

Sub Category:

One-Dimensional Consolidation, Manual Consolidation

Product Group:

Table Top Consolidation Apparatus, BS EN consolidation cells and accessories, Pneumatic Consolidation Apparatus, Fixed Ring Consolidation

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Description Consolidation cell 75 mm
Sample diameter 75 mm
Stress for 1 kg, kPa 20



Application BS/EN 10:1
Specimen Dia 75 mm
Specimen area 4418 mm²
Beam ratio 9:1
Load kg 1
Stress 20 kPa
Typical max stress 3.2 MPa
Stress for 1 kg m² 20 kPa


The following table shows typical loading of cells giving unit stress when used with the ELE Table Top Consolidation Apparatus


Application BS
Specimen Diameter 75 mm
Specimen Area 4418 mm²
Beam Ratio 10:01
Load 1 kg
Stress 20 kPa
Typical Maximum Stress 3.2 MPa
Stress for 1 kg 20 kPa


Consolidation Cell Complete 50mm Diameter Sample.


- 50 mm dia samples - Integral water reservoir  - Supplied with upper and lower porous disc and cutting ring - Manufactured from corrosion resistant materials  - Maximum working stress 8 mpa