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150mm Dia Cylinder Mould 300mm Long.



Fresh and Hardened Concrete Testing

Sub Category:

Moulding Equipment

Product Group:

Cylinder Moulds

150 mm diameter x 300 mm long, complete with base plate and locking ring.

**Not available for sale in the USA**

Specimen Size 150 x 300 mm
Weight, kg 12
EN 12390-1 Yes
EN 12390-2 Yes

Compacting Bar 25mm Sq X 380mm


Steel, 380 x 25 mm (length x square) tamping area, EN/BS.

Tamping Rod 16mm Dia X 600mm long hemispherical at both ends.


Steel, 600 mm long x 16 mm diameter, hemispherical at both ends. Please note this item is not graduated.

Wire Brush


Vibrating Table 600 X 400mm Table Top. 220-240V 50Hz 1Ph. Supplied with clamping assembly


The ELE vibrating table is a compact unit providing controlled vibro-compaction in the laboratory, using cube or cylinder moulding equipment. Vibrating table mounted on a steel stand, supplied with clamp assembly.  Complies to EN 12390-2, EN 12350-6 (BS 1881-107), EN 12350-7 (BS 1881-106)