Consolidation Frame One Dimensional Consolidation Incremental Loading Device.

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Consolidation Frame One Dimensional Consolidation Incremental Loading Device.



Consolidation Apparatus, Soils

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One-Dimensional Consolidation, Manual Consolidation

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Consolidation Apparatus, Table Top Consolidation Apparatus

• High capacity – 8800 kPa on 50 mm diameter specimens using 11:1 beam ratio
• Triple beam ratio, 9:1, 10:1, 11:1
• Compact unit ensures maximum space saving

The ELE Oedometer is rigidly constructed to ensure minimum frame distortion. The frame is designed to load the specimen through a yoke assembly and one of three alternative beam ratios. The beam is fitted with a counterbalance weight and beam support jack. The cell platform will accept the complete range of ELE consolidation cells and is fitted with a central spigot to ensure accurate centring of the cell under the loading yoke. Dimensions without hanger 711 x 203 x 508 mm (l x w x h). Weight 24 kg.

PLEASE NOTE: 25-0402 does not come with a mounting stand, cell or a transducer 

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Supplied without dial gauge and weights.

Description Consolidation frame
Loading Beam Cast aluminum; counterbalanced; 9:1,10:1 and 11:1 ratios.
ASTM D2435 Yes
ASTM D4546 Yes
ASTM D3877 Yes
BS 1377-5 Yes



Load Capacity 48 tons/sq. ft. (5,14 8 kPa) on 2.5” (63 mm) diam. samples.
Loading Beam Cast aluminum; counterbalanced; 9:1,10:1 and 11 :1 ratios.
Frame Cast aluminum; integral beam support jack; plated steel and platform.
Dimensions  203 x 711 x 508 mm, (8” w. x 28” d. x 20” h) .
excluding weight hanger.
Weight 24 KG


16 Ton Weight Set


Includes: two 1/16 ton, one 1/8 ton, one 1/4 ton, one 1/2 ton, one 1 ton and seven 2 ton weights.

2.416" Fixed Ring Consolidometer


With cutting (specimen) ring.

Consolidation Cell Complete 50mm Diameter Sample.


- 50 mm dia samples - Integral water reservoir  - Supplied with upper and lower porous disc and cutting ring - Manufactured from corrosion resistant materials  - Maximum working stress 8 mpa 

Floor Mounting Stand.


A versatile modular steel stand. Holes in the shelf are provided forsecuring up to three EL25-0402 Consolidation Frames. Dimensions 610 x 915 x 865 mm (l x w x h).

Set of Weights 100Kg Total Weight.


9 x 10 kg, 1 x 5 kg, 2 x 2 kg, 1 x 1 kg.

Weight Set A


Includes: four 1 kg, five 4 kg, and four 16 kg weights.

Weight Set B


Includes: four 1 kg, three 4 kg and one 16 kg weights.

Electronic Digital Indicator, 0.600"/15 mm range


Resolution of 0.0001" (0.002 mm)

Pneumatic Consolidation Apparatus


32 tsf capacity.