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Conversion Frame.



Compaction & CBR Test Equipment

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In-situ CBR

Product Group:

Conversion of In-situ to Laboratory CBR

50kN conversion frame to adapt to mechanical jack for labrotary CBR tests. The frame is of a two-column construction with an overhead beam to accept the mechanical jack EL24-9290 and is supplied complete with stablising bar. 

Description 50 kN conversion frame
Weight, kg 53
BS 1377 Yes
BS 1924 Yes
ASTM D4429 Yes

45kN (10000Lb) Capacity Mechanical Jack.


The body is corrosion protected and houses an enclosed worm and wheel gear. The gear ratio has been carefully selected to provide a handwheel speed that can be comfortably maintained, particularly with soils of high CBR value. A quick-release device in the screwjack allows the plunger to be rapidly adjusted prior to…

Bracket and Adaptor. Dual Purpose Mounting Bracket for CBR Penetration Gauges EL24-9184/EL24-9186


Dual purpose mounting bracket for CBR penetration dial gauges. Allows gauge to be fixed to penetration piston or load ring.

Cbr Penetration Piston (Adjustable).


As 24-9182 but with a coarse stem adjustment. This piston is particularly useful for in-situ testing.

Penetration Dial Gauge BS


Complete with rack extensions and chisel edge anvil.25 mm travel x 0.01 mm divisions. 

Penetration/Swell Dial Gauge ASTM.


1 in travel x 0.0005 in divisions. Complete with rack extensions and chisel edge anvil.