Digital Pressure Gauge 1700Kpa. for Ele Triaxial Cells.

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Digital Pressure Gauge 1700Kpa. for Ele Triaxial Cells.



Soil Strength (Triaxial), Data Logging, Software and Electronic Instrumentation, Soils

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Pressure Systems, Instrumentation for Triaxial testing, Electronic Instrumentation, Data Acquisition

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Oil/Water Constant Pressure System, Pressure Measurement, Digital Pressure Gauge

For ELE Triaxial Cells. The Digital Pressure Gauge offers highly accurate pressure measurement and digital readout for ELE triaxial cells.

Description Digital Pressure Gauge
Battery Life 1400
ASTM D2850 Yes
ASTM D4767 Yes
ASTM D7181 Yes
ASTM D5084 Yes



Capacity 250 psi (1,700 kPa).
Display LCD.
Display Units PSI, kPa, MPa.
Accuracy Better than 1% of indicated pressure.
Read Rate Two samples per second.
Power Supply 3 volt battery, CR 2340 type.
Battery Life 1400 hours continuous operation.
Dimensions 2.30” w. x 1.25 ” d. x 3.75” h. (59 x 32 x 95 mm.)
Weight Net 1/4 lb. (125 g).


Digital Pressure Gauge for Tri-Flex 2 and Permeability Cells


For use with Tri-Flex 2 Triaxial and Permeability Cells

70mm Triaxial Cell 1700Kpa with 5 Pressure/ Drainage Ports. Supplied with Two Valves.


• Working pressure up to 1700 kPa• All round visibility• Sample sizes 38 to 100 mm diameter• Rapid assembly and dismantling• Accepts a range of interchangeable submersible load transducersThis range of precision made triaxial cells has been designed to meet the requirements of the modern soils laboratory. The cells have been treated…