Guelph Permeameter Supplied Complete with Extension Kit.

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Guelph Permeameter Supplied Complete with Extension Kit.



Permeability, Soils

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Guelph Permeameter, Guelph Permeameter

• Lightweight and portable
• Robust construction
• Requires only 2.5 litres of water
• Results usually within 2 hours

The Guelph Permeameter is used to obtain accurate measurements of hydraulic conductivity, soil sorptivity and soil matrix flux potential. These three factors govern how liquids will move through an unsaturated soil profile.

Recent significant advances in both the theoretical and practical techniques of measuring soil hydraulic conductivity have been made by the University of Guelph, Canada. This has resulted in the development of the Guelph Permeameter, utilising the Constant Head Well principle.

Guelph Permeameter Set Includes:-
•1 Field Tripod
•1 Well Auger
•1 Well Tripod
•1 Preparation Tool
•1 Hand Pump
•1 Extension Kit (extends depth by 800 mm)
•1 Collapsible Water Container
•1 Set of Instructions and Carrying Case

Description Guelph Permeameter
Hydraulic Conductivity Range, m/sec 10-4 - 10-8
ASTM D5126 Yes



Cell Plated seamless tube 100 mm diameter x 130 mm height
Capacity 3.18 Litres 
Base Porous plate with three tie rods
Top plate Machined to accept smaller tubes
Net Weight  13.6 kg
Overal Weight 111 kg




Permeameter High impact polycarbonate, molded elastomers.
Auger 2” (50.8 mm) diam.; machined steel.
Carrying Case Die-cut foam for parts storage.
Test Time 1/2 – 2 hours.
Test Depth 15 to 75 cm (0.5 to 2.5 ft).
Hydraulic Conductivity Range 10-4 to 10-8 m/sec (10-2 to 10-6 cm/sec).
Weight Net 30 lbs. (13 .6 kg).


Permeameter Extension Kit


55 cm (5.16 ft).