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Motorised Unit for the 38-6000 Flow Table



Consistency, Setting Time, Workability and Flow

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Flow and Workability of Mortar Lime

For use with 38-6000 Flow Table. Operates the cam at a speed of 100 rpm. For 220-240V AC, 50 Hz, 1 ph.

**Not available for sale in the USA**

Description Motorised Unit for the 38-6000 Flow Table
Power Supply 220 - 240 V AC, 50 Hz, 1 ph
ASTM C230 Yes
BS 4551-1 Yes
BS 3892-1 Yes
Weight, kg 5
Dimensions, width x diameter x height 0.39 x 0.55 0.22 m

ASTM Calipers


For measuring the diameter of the sample.

Flow Mould


Manufactured from bronze as specified in BS and ASTM.

Plastic Tamper


Complies to BS 4551-1, 3892-1, 6463-103 and ASTM C230, C109.