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Trase Soil Moisture Analyser




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Soil Water

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•Measures volumetric water content of soil.

•Time Doman Reflectometry yields an unsurpassed level of accuracy.

•Direct readout of volumetric water content.

•Rugged, Waterproof and portable.

•Graph display in-depth soil studies physics studies. 

The Trase system uses Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) to measure the volumetric water content of soils and other moist media. Waveguides for depth measurement ranging from 15cm to 70cm are available. The volumetric moisture content is displayed, and the graph of the TDR pulse can also be displayed. The moisture reading and the graph of the TDR pulse can be tagged for identification and stored for later analysis. The Trase system can be programmed to auto log moisture readings. All stored data can be transferred via an RS 232 port to external printer or computer for further processing.

The Trase is designed for rugged field use and is environmentally sealed to prevent damage to Sensitive electronic components.


Description Trase Soil Moisture Analyser
Dimensions  53 x 43 x 38 cms
Measuring range  0-100% volumetric moisture content
Measuring accuracy   +/- 2% FS or better 
Operating temperature  -5° to +45° Autologging without use of display
Power supply (supplied)  2 x 7 amp hr, sealed electrolyte batteries 
Recharge time 12 hours 
Auxillary power input  18-24V AC or DC, 1.5 amp, for battery recharge or operation from mains
Operating temperature  0°- 45°C Do not store below -20°C
Memory 256Kb, capacity for 180 graphs/5600 readings
Graphic display  128 x 256 dot, black lit LCD
Weight 11.92 kilos

Buriable wave guide


h 2 m coaxial lead.