6" (152 mm) Sand Cone Density Method

Equipment necessary to perform density testing in the field, using the Sand Cone method.

6" (152 mm) Sand Cone Apparatus

Set Includes:

EI29-4302. Sand Density Cone x 1
EI29-4292/10. Replacement Sand Jug x 2
EI29-4342. Field Density Plate x 1
EI29-4355. Bags, Density Sand x 2
EI88-7700. Spoon x 1
EI88-7960. Steel Chisel x 1
EI88-7940. Rubber Mallet x 1
EI88-7300. Scoop x 1
EI88-7042. Field Cans x 12
EI88-1600 Field Scale x 1

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