The Automatic Vicat Apparatus executes the test program using a fully automatic test cycle. The integral LCD display indicates test progress in real time. Firmware in the unit enables up to five user test profiles to be established. Integrated on-board memory will store up to 50 complete tests. On completion of the test the integral printer automatically prints all test data including a graph penetration with related data. As standard, the unit includes an RS232 serial port for connection to PC which, when used in conjunction with the supplied software, enables users to manage test data including graphing and report generation. The timed cycle of events is operator-selectable and penetrations can be selectable at intervals of 30 seconds, 1, 5, 15 or 30 minutes.

Consistency Plunger


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Vicat Mould

Accessory: manufactured from brass and supplied complete with a ring and glass base plate.

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EN Vicat Mould

Accessory: manufactured from a hard rubber compound and supplied complete with a glass base plate.

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ASTM Vicat Mould

Accessory: manufactured from non-absorbent plastic and supplied complete with a glass base plate.

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Automatic Vicat Apparatus

Complete with EN and ASTM Initial and Final needles, Consistency Plunger, Windows® software and RS232 cable, 1 x EN and ASTM Mould and Glass Plate. Suitable for continuous use in saturated humidity, at a controlled temperature of 20°C ± 1°C.

Complies to EN 13279-2 (GYPSUM),  EN 480-2,  ASTM C187,  ASTM C191,  DIN 1168,  DIN 1196,  NF P15-414,  NF P15-431,  AASHTO T131,  EN 196-3

The results are printed on the incorporated printer and this eliminates the manual operations of installing and zeroing the paper graph on the drum. The use of the appliance is extremely simplified by the guiding menu that is available in english, french, spanish, german, italian language.

- Transfer each single control or function of the Vicat on the PC 

- Verify in real time each phase of the test being made 

- Automatically download the final results at the end of the test on all the connected Vicat 

- Process and file at the same time all the tests without obliging the operator to move from his working place.

Additionally the firmware has many other functions detailed in the technical chart that will be transmitted to the user interested to know more about it.


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Mould Tank

Accessory: for testing samples under water as per EN 196-3, for use in temperature controlled laboratories.

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ASTM Initial and Final Set Needle

Spare: 1mm x 2.

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Needle Cleaning Device


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Printer Paper Rolls

For Automatic Vicat: pack of 10.

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EN Initial and Final Set Needle

Spare: 3 mm diameter + 1.13mm diameter with special footing.

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