• Microprocessor controlled.
• 11,200 lbf. (50 kN) maximum load capacity.
• Fully variable loading speeds from 0.399999” (9.99999 mm) per minute to as low as 0.000001” (0.00001 mm) per minute.
• Large LCD screen display with touch-sensitive keypad.
• Rapid approach.
• Highly versatile — can be used for Consolidated Drained/Undrained Triaxial, Quick Undrained Triaxial, Unconfined Compression and CBR testing with proper accessories.

The new Digital Tritest 50 provides the geotechnical testing laboratory with a modern and versatile triaxial load frame to meet current and future laboratory testing needs.

Benefiting from the latest in microprocessor technology, the Digital Tritest 50 is capable of applying test loads up to 11,200 lbf. (50 kN) at any test speed within the range of 0.399999” (9.99999 mm) per minute to as low as 0.000001” (0.00001
mm) per minute.

The Digital Tritest 50’s unique drive system performs with virtually no vibration as the test loads are applied, regardless of the testing speed selected. All load frame functions including speed selection, loading and unloading, rapid approach and return, along with additional mode selections for setting datum points or remote computer operation are easily accomplished by the loader’s LCD display and keypad system.

Shown with triaxial cell, load and strain measurement accessories; not included, order separately.

Clamped Boss Load Ring - 3.0 kN

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Electronic Digital Indicator, 1.0"/25.4 mm range

Resolution of 0.0001" (0.002 mm)

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Clamped Boss Load Ring - 2.0 kN

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Clamped Boss Load Ring - 10.0 kN

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Clamped Boss Load Ring - 4.5 kN

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50kN Clamped Boss Load Ring

Calibrated in compression.

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Clamped Boss Load Ring - 28.0 kN

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Digital Tritest 50 Load Frame

• Microprocessor control
• Large on-board LED screen display
• Direct entry via a touch sensitive keyboard
• Rapid approach and return to datum of platen
• Fully variable speed, 0.00001 to 9.99999 mm/min
• Samples up to 100 mm diameter

This 50 kN capacity machine, designed primarily for triaxial testing of soil specimens up to 100 mm diameter x 200 mm long, comprises a rigid twin column construction with an integral fully variable microprocessor controlled drive unit and LCD display with a touch sensitive keyboard. The machine is normally bench mounted for ease of installation and operation.

The use of a microprocessor controlled drive system and keyboard entry provides the Digital Tritest 50 with a wide variety of features which include pause and speed reset during test, RS 232C, operator programming of speed and control functions, self test diagnostics and many other features.

A robustly constructed steel case houses the motor drive system with careful attention being given to the prevention of ingress of water or grit. All operating controls are mounted on the front panel of the machine, which is angled and recessed to prevent physical and environmental damage.

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Digital Tritest 50 Load Frame

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Dial Gauge 25mm Travel X 0.01mm Divisions

25 mm travel x 0.01 mm

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Dial Indicator - 1.0" Range

1.0” x 0.001” divisions.

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2 Channel Digital Readout, English

Transducers to be ordered separately. English units. info »

2 Channel Digital Readout, Metric

Transducers to be ordered separately. Metric units. info »