Dial Gauge 25mm Travel X 0.01mm Divisions

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Dial Gauge 25mm Travel X 0.01mm Divisions



Soil Strength (Triaxial), Soils

Sub Category:

Measurement instrumentation, Soil Strength (Triaxial), Triaxial Load Frames

Product Group:

Digital Tritest 50 Load Frame, Axial Displacement

25 mm travel x 0.01 mm

Description Dial gauge 25mm travel x 0.01mm divisions
Dial Indicator 25 mm Range
BS 1377 Yes

Axial Strain Transducer Assembly 50mm Travel Fitted with 5 Pin Din Plug.


0 to 50 mm range. For use with Triaxial Cells. •Ideally suited for use with GDU for accuratedisplacement measurements•Models available for use in consolidation, shear,CBR and triaxial test applications•Supplied complete with mounting hardware forspecified productsDisplacement Transducers are used in consolidation, shear, CBR and triaxial test applications for accurate displacement measurements.…

Dial Indicator - 1.0" Range


1.0” x 0.001” divisions.