• Stainless steel mold for corrosion resistance.
• Rust-resistant brass perforated plate assembly and turntable.
• Available as complete set, or as individual components.

The Expansion Pressure Device is especially made to test the swell and shrinkage of bituminous soils, untreated soil, soilcement and aggregate.

The unit is supplied as one set including Expansion Pressure Frame with turntable and plate, Dial Indicator and Holder assembly,
Calibration Device and Hveem Test Mold. The dial indicator has 0.0001 inch divisions. The spring steel bar of the cross beam is calibrated to read 0.0021 inch of vertical deflection for 8 pounds and 0.0084 inch of deflection for 32 pounds.

Expansion Pressure Device

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Expansion Pressure Frame

With Turntable, Stem and Plate. Net Wt. 19 lbs. (8.6 kg). info »

Dial Indicator and Holder Assembly

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Lever Type Calibration Device

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R-Value Rough Hveem Test Mold

4" i.d. x 5" h info »