A second frame can now be connected to any Accu-Tek machine. 

100kN Flexural (Beams) Frame. Supplied Without Specimen Bearers and Fitting Kit.

  • Open sided for ease of specimen loading
  • Meets EN 12390-5 (BS 1881-118), EN 1521, EN 13161, EN 772-6, ASTM C78/C78M, ASTM C293/C293, AASHTO T97, AASHTO T177 standards
  • Optional ball seating assembly

This rigidly constructed, open sided frame is suitable for testing 100 mm and 150 mm square-section beams. The frame supports a hydraulic ram and upper sub-platen assembly incorporating a spherical seating. The upper and lower sub-platens will accept various specimen loading bearers, which are supplied separately.

Please note, a flexural fitting kit is required, see the accessories tab for options.

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100kN Flex Fitting Kit For Accu-Tek

This kit is required when adding a second frame for Accu-Tek. However it is not required for the automatic Accu-Tek Touch Control Pro range.

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ASTM C78 Specimen Bearer Assembly Case-Hardened 38mm Dia X 160mm Length.

Comprising 2 self-aligning upper bearers, 1 self-aligning and 1 fixed lower bearer; case-hardened, 38 mm diameter x 160 mm long and suitable for 3- or 4-point flexural testing of beams.

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