A regular laboratory requirement is the mixing of samples with water and/or other constituents to provide a homogeneous mixture prior to subsequent testing. The following range of mixers provide an efficient means of mixing samples.

Stainless Steel Bowl 4.73 Litres.

For use with the 5 Litre Bench Mounted Mixer - 23-6191/01

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Isomantle Electric Heater

For use with 23-6191 Bench Mounting Mixer.

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Bench-Mounting Mixer 5 Litre Capacity Complete with Bowl Beater and Whisk. 220-240V 50Hz 1Ph.

The mixer has two electrically switched mixing speeds which obviates the need to switch off during speed selection. The mixing head comprises a beater which contra-rotates about a central shaft using planetary gearing. A lever-acting lifting device facilitates the insertion and removal of the bowl. This mixer is suitable for the mixing of soil samples, mortar, bituminous mixtures and associated materials where comparatively small samples are being prepared. Supplied with stainless steel bowl, beater and whisk.

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