• Three independent channels of pressure control.
• Digital pressure display system to an accuracy of ± 0.25% of reading within range.
• User-friendly burette system.
• Easy removal of burette/annulus assembly for cleaning.
• Bridging feature to set multiple burette pressures with one regulator.
• Quick disconnects for easy system setup.
• Easily expands for multi-cell test.

Straight forward in design, the Tri-Flex 2 Master Control Panel meets the demands for an accurate, yet simple-to-operate panel system for use in triaxial and permeability testing. The panel is easy to operate, with a limited number of controls and an easy-to-read digital pressure display system. Fast, easy connection and removal of additional system components allow quick system setup.

The operator has complete control of system pressure and flow measurements during specimen testing, with three independently-controlled pressure regulators – one for confining or cell pressure; one for lower or pore/head pressure; and one for upper or back/tail pressure. The bridging feature lets the operator quickly set the pressures of multiple burette systems with just one regulator.

Each burette/annulus assembly has a selector which opens or closes the access to the annulus. When opened, up to 400 ml of water is available to the operator for specimen saturation and other test stages without refilling the burette assembly. By a simple flip of a switch to activate the digital pressure display system, any of the regulated pressures can be displayed in digital form to an accuracy of ± 0.25% of reading within range.

The Tri-Flex 2 Master Control Panel is designed in full compliance with ASTM and AASHTO specifications for use in the application, monitoring and data recording of test conditions.

Auxiliary Control Panel

For two additional triaxial cells

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High Vacuum Pump

115vAC, 50/60 Hz, 1ø.

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Tri-Flex 2 Water De-airing Tank System

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Tri-Flex 2 Master Control Panel, English 220vAC

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Tri-Flex 2 Master Control Panel, English 110vAC

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Tri-Flex 2 Master Control Panel, Metric 220vAC

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Tri-Flex 2 Master Control Panel, Metric 110vAC

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