Automatic CBR tests now supported with new DSU software update on Tritest 50's

Date posted: 27th March 2018 15:28

ELE International are pleased to announce a software enhancement for the DSU. This enhancement now allows Automatic CBR tests to be supported with the Tritest frame, as well as existing manual CBR tests, and user tests. Other updates have also improved overall user experience.

The parts required:

DSU 27-1300/01, /02

Tritest 50 25-3518/01 (with E-stop)

Normal CBR moulds and accessories

Penetration piston 24-9182  

Bracket and adapter 24-9188  

Appropriately sizes S Type load cell

CBR Displacement Transducer 27-1705

Adapter kit CBR on Tritest (25-3518/10) )

Please note that it is only compatible with the most recent Tritest 50 model with the E-stop. 


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