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Six-Way Pneumatic Pressure Control Panel.



Soil Strength (Triaxial)

Sub Category:

Pressure Systems

Product Group:

Air/Water Pressure Systems - up to 1700 kPa

The six-way pressure control systems have been designed specifically for the monitoring of up to six independent pressures. They are particularly useful for setting up and controlling a 3-cell effective stress system using three independent back pressures. The panel is used in conjunction with the Universal Pump and Pressure Indicating Panel which provides pressure monitoring and facilities for filling and de-airing the system. Comprising six pneumatic control valves mounted in a housing for controlling six independant outlets. Supplied with connection ports for coupling panel to EL26-1880. Maximum inlet pressure 1400 kPa maximum outlet pressure 1000 kPa.

Description Six-Way Pneumatic Pressure Control Panel