Air/Water Pressure Systems - up to 1700 kPa

Where a laboratory requires a number of constant, but independent and variable pressure sources, the use of a pnuematic compressor is recommended. Depending on the capacity and volume of the unit, a series of pressure sources can be provded to various test stations around the laboratory.

Compressed air must be controlled and delivered to a system designed to transfer the controlled pressure to the fluid (usually water), which applies the various test pressures, e.g., a confining pressure in a triaxial test. The pressure reducing panel share used in conjunction with a bladder-type air/water interface assembly. Each individual pressure take off from the reducing panel will require a bladder interface assembly. Connection of the reducing panels to the compressor/water trap outlet and to other reducing panels requires the use of nylon tubing.

Bladder-Type Air/Water Pressure Assembly. 1000 Kpa Maximum Working Pressure.

With transparent plastic chamber for operating continuously at pressures up to 1000 kPa. A length of tubing is provided for connecting the air/water cylinder outlet to a pressure measuring system.

• Used to supply hydraulic pressure from a pneumatic pressure source.
• Prevents air entering the hydraulic pressure system.
• Maximum working pressure 1000kpa.
• Supplied with connectors and tubing for fitting to pressure measuring systems.

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Replacement Bladder Wide Neck (38mm Id)

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Pneumatic Pressure Reducing Panel. Provides Two Independent Pressure Outlets 1000 kPa Max.

Comprising two constant pressure reducing valves with inlet water trap and pressure indicator. The unit allows a maximum output pressure of 1000 kPa. Maximum input pressure should not exceed 1400 kPa. The panel has an inlet connector to accept Nylon tubing from the air compressor and two 6 mm outlets for connecting Bladdertype Air/Water Pressure Assemblies. An outlet connector is fitted for the connection of an additional panel using Nylon tubing to increase the total capacity of the system. This outlet is blanked off when not required.

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Nylon Tubing 30 Metre Length.

30 metre length. For pressures up to 1700 kPa. Used for connecting Air Compressors to Pneumatic Pressure Reducing Panels, or for connecting two Pressure Reducing Panels together.

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Pressure Test 1700 Oil/Water Constant Pressure System 0 to 1700kPa 220-240V 50/60Hz 1Ph.

• 0 to 1700 kPa (250 lbf/in²) fully variable
• Continuous constant pressure control
• One litre capacity

The ELE oil/water constant pressure system, PressureTest 1700, is extremely versatile and can be used in conjunction with a wide range of test equipment. The unit provides continuous variable pressure up to 1700 kPa. Pressure is increased or decreased simply by turning a control wheel.

The apparatus is supplied without a gauge for those customers who have suitable pressure monitoring equipment. A digital pressure gauge is offered as an accessory. The machine features a clear hydraulic/water interface reservoir and up to one litre capacity of water is available under pressure.

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Six-Way Pneumatic Pressure Control Panel.

The six-way pressure control systems have been designed specifically for the monitoring of up to six independent pressures. They are particularly useful for setting up and controlling a 3-cell effective stress system using three independent back pressures. The panel is used in conjunction with the Universal Pump and Pressure Indicating Panel which provides pressure monitoring and facilities for filling and de-airing the system. Comprising six pneumatic control valves mounted in a housing for controlling six independant outlets. Supplied with connection ports for coupling panel to EL26-1880. Maximum inlet pressure 1400 kPa maximum outlet pressure 1000 kPa.

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Air Compressor

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Air Compressor

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