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Stevenson Screen




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Manual weather stations

The Stevenson screen is designed to hold maximum and minimum thermometers, and a wet-and-dry bulb hygrometer. It is available either in the finished form, ready for use, or more cheaply as a make-it-yourself kit. Both are suitable for use in all climates.

The screen is made from top quality seasoned wood, with double-louvred sides, a double layer roof, and a floor of overlapping boards separated vertically by an airspace. The front panel is hinged at the bottom to form a door, and is retained in the horizontal position by two chains; it may be padlocked shut.

Supplied without instruments or stand, painted white to reflect radiation.  Interior dimensions 540 x 580 x 480 mm.

Description Stevenson Screen Interior

Iron Stand for stevenson screen (504-120)


Ensures the instruments are positioned at the correct height.