Our list of current Manual weather stations products are listed below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will try our best to help you.

Stevenson Screen

The Stevenson screen is designed to hold maximum and minimum thermometers, and a wet-and-dry bulb hygrometer. It is available either in the finished form, ready for use, or more cheaply as a make-it-yourself kit. Both are suitable for use in all climates.

The screen is made from top quality seasoned wood, with double-louvred sides, a double layer roof, and a floor of overlapping boards separated vertically by an airspace. The front panel is hinged at the bottom to form a door, and is retained in the horizontal position by two chains; it may be padlocked shut.

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Iron Stand for stevenson screen (504-120)

Ensures the instruments are positioned at the correct height.

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Budget Weather Station Inc Max/Min Thermometer Wet/Dry Bulb Hygrometer Rain Gauge Soil Thermometer

This package of equipment provides low cost but accurate instruments to enable daily weather readings to be taken. Instruments include a maximum and minimum thermometer, soil thermometer, wet and dry bulb thermometer and Rain-o-matic electronic raingauge.

A simple DIY screen is provided to house the thermometers.

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Standard Weather Station with Max/Min Thermometers Kew Pattern Hygrometer Sheathed Earth Therm.

A complete manual weather station to enable accurate daily weather readings to be obtained. Instruments include maximum thermometer, minimum thermometer, Kew pattern masons hygrometer, a sheathed earth thermometer, a copper raingauge and a handheld anemometer. A DIY Stevenson screen is provided to house the thermometers.

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