•Reduces operator error
•Applicable to a wide range of soils
•Gives reproducible test results
•Provides direct measurement of penetration

The method is fundamentally more satisfactory than the Casagrande method as it is essentially a static test depending on the soil shear strength. The test is based on the relationship between moisture content and the penetration of a cone into the soil sample under controlled conditions.

Determines the moisture content at which clay soils pass from a plastic to a liquid state.

Cone Penetrometer. Complete with Stainless Steel Test Cone.

Bench mounted apparatus to determine the liquid limit of soils BS1377. This method is applicable to a wide range of soils. The apparatus is fitted with a 150mm diameter dial indicator for direct reading of penetration. Supplied complete with 30deg, 30mm long test cone. Manufactured from stainless steel and includes adjustable levelling feet.

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Penetration Test Cup.

Brass construction, 55mm dia x 40mm depth to fit BS1377

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Penetration Test Cone

Stainless steel, 35 mm long with smooth surface at an angle of 30º.

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Test Gauge for Checking Condition of Cone Point.

55 mm diameter by 40 mm deep, with the rim parallel to the flat base.

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