Hand-Operated Liquid Limit Devices

• Precision moulded base and cam components.
• Precision manufactured brass cup assembly.
• Includes ten precision moulded Plastic ASTM Grooving Tools.
• Optional Grooving Tool available for testing to AASHTO standards.
• Optional model available with counter.

The Hand-Operated Liquid Limit Device is designed to determine the liquid limit of soils. The hard rubber base is formed in a mould to maintain the uniformity of hardness, size and density of all devices. Precision moulded cam control parts and nylon bearings provide accurate cup drop and smooth operation.

Brass Cup

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ASTM Slider and Pin Cup Holder Assembly

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Liquid Limit Device with counter

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ASTM Plastic Grooving Tools

  • Inexpensive enough to be disposable.
  • Plastic construction — won’t rust.
  • Precision-moulded to conform to ASTM standards.
  • 1 cm gage block located at end of handle.

The Plastic Grooving Tool is used to control the width of the soil groove in the liquid limit cup. With traditional metal grooving tools, the cups get scratched; the costly metal tools get worn, giving inaccurate test results.

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Liquid Limit Device

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