• Precision pump assembly.
• Large pressure gauge with 1/4% accuracy.
• Aluminum-Magnesium shell assembly for lightweight use and corrosion resistance.
• Adjustable stage supplied as standard.
• Includes two followers and accessories for use in asphalt and soils testing per industry standards.

The Hveem Stabilometer is a triaxial testing device used to determine the stability of bituminous paving mixtures, soils and other plastic or semi-plastic materials.

The device was originally developed by the California Division of Highways to measure the combined effects of frequent traffic loads, repeated over a long period of time, on a given bituminous mix. Test results are used to determine the maximum amount of bituminous binder which can be used without causing instability.

The Stabilometer is designed to test 4” (101.6 mm) diameter specimens in accordance with ASTM Testing Standards D-1560 and D-2844;AASHTO tests T-190 and T-246; and California Test Methods 301 and 366.

Dial Indicator - 1.0" Range

1.0” x 0.001” divisions.

info »

Hveem Stabilometer - ASTM Type

ASTM Type. Includes displacement dial indicator, diaphragm tester with polyurethane dummy specimen, two followers, rubber bulb, extra O-rings, 1 qt. of oil, wrench, assembly tool and instructions. info »

Hveem Stabilometer - California Type

California Type. Modified version with fixed stage, dual scale gauge (psi/kPa). info »

Hveem Stabilometer - Texas Type

Texas Type. Modified version with gauge shut-off valve. info »

R-Value Rough Hveem Test Mold

4" i.d. x 5" h info »

S-Value Smooth Hveem Test Mold

4" i.d. x 5" h info »


Specially molded for use in Hveem Stabilometer. Shipped 14” (356 mm) long and can be used to make two replacement diaphragms. info »

Hveem Diaphragm Replacement Tool

Used to replace diaphragms in Hveem stabilometer. Pre-stressing Type. info »

Hveem Test Block

Polyurethane dummy specimen. info »