Our list of current Penetration Measurement products are listed below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will try our best to help you.

Bracket and Adaptor. Dual Purpose Mounting Bracket for CBR Penetration Gauges EL24-9184/EL24-9186

Dual purpose mounting bracket for CBR penetration dial gauges. Allows gauge to be fixed to penetration piston or load ring.

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Cbr Penetration Piston (Adjustable).

As 24-9182 but with a coarse stem adjustment. This piston is particularly useful for in-situ testing.

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Penetration Piston

1.935 mm2 (3 in2) area foot of case hardened steel. Designed to fit all ELE load rings.

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CBR Penetration Transducer 50mm Travel Fitted with 5 Pin Din Plug.

• Ideally suited for use with GDU for accurate displacement measurements
• Models available for use in consolidation, shear, CBR and triaxial test applications
• Supplied complete with mounting hardware for specified products

Displacement Transducers are used in consolidation, shear, CBR and triaxial test applications for accuratevdisplacement measurements. They are supplied complete with a 5-pin DIN type connector for direct connection to the GDU.

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Penetration/Swell Dial Gauge ASTM.

1 in travel x 0.0005 in divisions. Complete with rack extensions and chisel edge anvil.

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Penetration Dial Gauge BS

Complete with rack extensions and chisel edge anvil.25 mm travel x 0.01 mm divisions. 

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