Tri-Flex 2 One-Cell Permeability Test System

The complete one-cell system consists of the Tri-Flex 2 Master Control Panel with water de-airing system, one Tri-Flex 2 Permeability Test Cell complete with platens for testing either 2.8” or 70 mm diameter specimens, and a complete range of sample preparation tools.With the Tri-Flex 2 One-Cell Permeability Test System, efficient and accurate permeability testing of a wide range of construction materials can easily be conducted.

Porous Stones 2.8"

2.8" diameter porous stones (pack of 2)

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Pressure Transducer Assembly 1700Kpa Fitted with 5 Pin DIN Plug.

Pressure Transducers are used to measure the cell, pore and back pressures during triaxial testing. Assemblies are supplied complete with a de-airing block, valve, 5-pin DIN plug connector and calibration certificate

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Suction Membrane Device 70mm Diameter.

70Mm Diameter Suction Membrane Device.

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Volume Change Transducer Assembly 80ml Capacity Maximum Working Pressure 1700KPa

•Reversing valves to increase capacity
•Steel case for wall mounting and access to piping
•Supplied complete with calibration certificate

The Volume Change Transducer provides continuous measurements of volume change during the triaxial test. The assembly includes a valve to reverse the flow through the unit, providing increased capacity.

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Acrylic Cap and Base Set 2.8"

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Tri-Flex 2 Water De-airing Tank System

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Tri-Flex 2 Permeability Test Cell

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Permeability Software

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Membrane Tester 2.8"

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Membrane Sealing Rings 2.8"

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Membrane Placing Tool 70mm/2.8 Inch Diameter.

70Mm/2.8 Inch Diameter Membrane Placing Tool.

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Rubber Membrane 70mm/2.8 Inch Diameter. Pack of 10.

70 mm / 2.8" mm diameter rubber membrane (Pack Of 10). info »